Architectural peregrinations

Noel Manalili

After living in Paris for more than 20 years, Noel moved to Le Havre two years ago led by his passion for modern architecture from the XXth century. During summer 2020, he went to visit Provence and Marseille with the idea of visiting and discovering places that inspire him. 

Noel likes playing with details that he sees through the lens of photography. Through his gaze, he transports us to emblematic places such as La Cité Radieuse or La Villa Noailles, and others more intimate places such as the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Toulon built by Jean-Gérard Mattio in 1967. Designed in poured concrete, which has sometimes been given a very grainy appearance, the chapel bears witness to the filiation of its designer with Le Corbusier's theories. It is in fact designed according to the Modulor and bears witness to a certain brutalism typical of post-war Corbuséan architecture. The joinery and furniture, designed to measure, complete the architecture with sobriety. Noel also embarks us to visit La Friche de l’Escalette and the buildings of Fernand Pouillon in Marseille. La Friche de l’Escalette, located in the Calanques National Park, is a former lead mine, remarkable industrial heritage transformed into a park of lightweight architecture and sculptures, where you can admire two of Prouvé’s most iconic prefabricated houses, the ‘North’, Pavillon de Lorraine, and the ‘South’, Bungalow du Cameroun. Fernand Pouillon was one of the great builders of the years of reconstruction after the Second World War in France. He built many public facilities and buildings in Marseille, such as the Old port and la Tourette.

Visit places Noel loves in Provence:

Bouches-du-Rhône (13)
La Tourette
20 Rue Miradou
13002 Marseille

Immeubles Pouillon
42-66 quai du Port
13002 Marseille

La Cité radieuse
Unité d’Habitation
280 Boulevard Michelet
13008 Marseille

La Friche De l'Escalette
Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère
Route des Goudes, impasse de l’Escalette
13008 Marseille

Var (83)
Chapelle de la Transfiguration
182 Rue Francis Garnier
83000 Toulon

La Villa Noailles
Centre d’art d’intérêt national
Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée
Montée Noailles
83400 Hyères

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About the author
Noel Manalili

Noel is Filipino and has met many craftsmen in his country. Attracted by the tactile and functional nature of the craft, he is a true lover of craftsmanship, obsessed by the beauty of the gesture. He is attracted and influenced by ancient civilizations as well as contemporary artists who work and appreciate texture, imperfections, irregularity and roughness. 

He is a multidisciplinary craftsman, passionate about photography, and his curiosity for craftsmanship has led him to experiment in the fields of ceramics and weaving. For his latest project ODU, which will be launched in 2021, he is creating a collaborative space that revolves around craftsmanship as seen through the lens of artists, designers, architects and artisans.