Our manifesto

An ode to the beauty of the gesture

Founded in 2020, memòri is a studio whereby distinct disciplines of craft connect, intersect and transmit through questioning and continuing artisanal practices and customs. It is an ode to remarkable traditions and craftsmanship that has its roots in a distinctive area of the Mediterranean basin. It aims to revive and rekindle the collective memory.

Today, these memories have grown increasingly fragile, yet their fragility doesn’t consign them to a static past. Rather, they carry with them the remnants of diverse identities. In a world dominated by throw-away culture, consumerism and standardisation, how can we shine a light on the arts, socially and environmentally conscious practices, and traditions of savoir-faire that are often lost or forgotten?

memòri celebrates unique savoir-faire practices : French Provençal textile typical savoir-faire such as quilting work like the « piqué », the « Boutis » or the « piqué de Marseille », the ancient art of women's rural pottery from the Moroccan Rif mountains, where pieces are fired at low temperatures on an open fire for over twelve hours, as well as the art of hand spinning and hand weaving and vegetable dyeing techniques from the Moroccan Anti-Atlas.

memòri is a small-scale artisanal studio who’s sole aim is to integrate a sustainable approach in manufacturing and production into its practice, producing limited lines of pieces, always ensuring each object that the studio breathes life into has a positive social and environmental impact. memòri creates timeless pieces, each item embodying memories and traditions and only uses natural raw materials, natural dyes, or antique natural fabrics. All of the clothes are made in France in Marseille where the studio works in close collaboration with small and social sewing workshops. Some of the objects and furniture are made by the craftswomen in Morocco while others pieces are assembled by the studio itself in Marseille, France.

memòri is deeply involved in Morocco with the women artisans with whom the studio has been working since 2017 through the Non-profit Association memòri lab. Its aim is to commit in favour of the transmission of artisanal gestures and savoir-faire through cultural, social, sustainable actions.

The studio also founded in 2021 memòri gallery, based in the heart of Marseille, which presents a curation of 20th-century objects and furniture. The gallery aims to showcase unique and unusual pieces. The focus is on anonymous and artisanal creations.

To make an appointment to visit our showroom at 23 rue d'Isoard, 13001 Marseille, France, please email at hello@memori.studio