Our manifesto

An ode to the beauty of the gesture

memòri is an ode to remarkable traditions and to a craftsmanship anchored in a particular territory. It aims at reviving a collective memory, making memories vibrant again. Today more than ever, those memories are weakened. Yet they don’t belong to a frozen past and clearly carry the mark of plural identities. memòri is a studio where different artisanal disciplines meet up in order to continually question their craft and its transmission. Today, in a world of standardisation, disposable culture and consumerism, how could we shine a light on the artistry, on practices attentive to humans and nature, on rituals and savoir-faire that are sometimes forgotten or lost?

We create timeless pieces, each piece carries memories and traditions, always integrating a sustainable approach to fabrication and production. We are a small-scale artisanal studio, producing only very limited quantities and ensuring positive social and environmental impacts. We wish to celebrate nature and be mindful of what connects us to each other and to the traditions of our elders. 

Regarding new production, we always choose to use natural raw materials, which respect nature. All the pieces that refer to the Moroccan Anti-Atlas and Rif territories are handmade following the art of ancestral techniques and using only natural local raw materials. Each piece is one of a kind respecting an artisanal practice throughout the entire process of creation. All of the textiles are handspun and handwoven, made of wool and natural dyes. The pottery pieces are all handbuilt and then fired in an open fire, which makes unexpected and surprising results, including smoke marks on some pieces.

We also like sourcing and playing with antique fabrics. From across Provence, we have gleaned quilted antique bed covers, as well as printed fabrics made from beautiful linen, cotton and hemp from the 19th and 20th centuries. We reuse them creating long-lasting pieces, and sometimes imagining modular clothes.