Our manifesto

An ode to the beauty of the gesture

Founded in 2020, memòri is a studio whereby distinct disciplines of craft connect, intersect and transmit through questioning and continuing artisanal practices and customs. It is an ode to remarkable traditions and craftsmanship that has its roots in a distinctive area of the Mediterranean basin. It aims to revive and rekindle the collective memory.

These memories have become fragile now more than ever, yet this does not mean they belong to a frozen past. These memories clearly carry the traces of multiple identities. In a world of standardisation, throw-away culture and consumerism, how do we shine a light on the arts, socially and environmentally conscious practices, and traditions of savoir-faire that are often lost or forgotten? 

Between reproducing objects on a smaller scale and creating a wardrobe of unique, unisex and modular pieces, we seek to explore sustainable set-design and provide vintage objects and furniture available for hire. 

memòri is a small-scale artisanal studio with the sole aim of integrating a sustainable approach to manufacturing and production into its practice. memòri celebrates unique savoir-faire practices rooted in the heart of the Mediterranean basin