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Sessùn Alma

For the new Sessùn Alma exhibition, “Joncs. Lins. Graminés.”, we recreated a field of grasses from the Camargue region. It’s the idea of an installation that fills the space and transforms it into an unexpected field of plants. It’s a poetic invitation to enter Sessùn's world of the new collection in Provence, in these fields of spikelets that shape the landscape. It’s also the desire to build a popular Provençal imaginary world shared with the viewer. The displayed works all feature plants. We love this idea of being able to bring the natural world into a habitat through some pieces scattered here and there. The final inspiration came from the aestheticism of the amazing “Jonction” work by Moroccan artist Fatiha Zemmouri. For this installation, we used wood, dirt and plant fibres, all collected locally.

Photography : Florian Touzet & Memòri Studio